Excerpts from The Investigator 1990, by Principal Stephen Matthew

The School Crest and Motto

Technically, the school does not have a crest. A crest has connotations of feudal times and medieval warfare. Instead, in keeping with the image of a modern school, we have a logo.

It was designed by Max Hornibrook of Buderim, and it took many weeks of negotiation with the Principal until we had the right balance of Christian symbolism, incorporating the nautical theme and suggesting the notion of strength. In addition, we wanted to be able to display our school colours in appropriate balance.

The motto was the inspiration of Mrs Eileen Jackson, wife of the Rector of Buderim. After the suggestion that the motto be ‘Faith, Skill, Daring’, it was agreed that ‘Faith, Skill and Endeavour’ encompassed some of the spirit of ‘Daring’ while exerting children to strive for excellence. The school logo is seen on all public documents, and many uniform items.”

First Australia Day Parade for Matthew Flinders Anglican College, 1990

School Uniform

“When Mr Matthew first accepted the position of foundation Principal, Mrs Suzanne Matthew began to sketch designs and to think about colours for the school uniform. Navy and white striped fabrics, and the colour combination of navy, jade and white had alway appealed to her, and she thought that these colours would tie in well with the nautical name of the College.

She wanted a uniform that was distinctive, classic, one that suited most students, and one that didn’t look too much like a school uniform! Thus, the long navy shorts, stripped shirts without trim, drop waisted dress and the lacoste-style sport t-shirt were designed.”

School Song

With glad, strong voices
We pay tribute to a man
Who helped to found our nation
And to chart a bold new land.

As scientist and explorer,
From across the world he came
Matthew Flinders we do honour now and proudly wear his name.

We’ll share our faith with others.
Our skills we will unfold.
We will endeavour strongly.
To acheive our every goal.

With honour and integrity,
And trust in God’s acclaim,
In faithful quest we’ll do our best
In Matthew Flinders’ name.